To Crawl Back into a Home

To Crawl Back into a Home

tonight I open my body into the
pages of the bible.

i have hidden God inside my tongue,
that’s how he hears while I’m yet speaking.

i find a lie inside my closet,
hanging memories of

sand that taught me to build
a kind of babel here.

i have forgotten how to give a hand to the sun,
and steal a cup of light.

torch my path,
until i burn a way home

like the spirit of a cigarette
entering into heaven.

i come.
like a prodigal son.

washing my sins in my mother’s tears,
singing my plea for forgiveness

to the tune of my father’s heart,
to where i first learnt to cry,

to where i cry now.



Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David, “King Davey”, is a poet and spoken word artist from Ondo State, Nigeria. He is a medical student at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State, Nigeria. His works are a blend of his faith and his feelings growing up as a Nigerian.


Richard Thomson is a South African multi-disciplinary artist who composes different art forms together, depicting different versions of the same story. It’s always the story of humanity yearning for peace, love, and unity. What it means to be in this dualistic world. How to encode the light shining from Source and anchor it here and now through creativity. He has shown work at the Aardklop Festival and at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival. Experience some more of his creations here:

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