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A Poetry of Errors: When Trouble Throbs You

A Poetry of Errors: When Trouble Throbs You

How I witch wish I didn’t swear to document
My pains. This comedy of error in our
Chamber, yesternight, has costumed (consumed) the
Vitality in me. I am tayad (tired) an eraser…
Grieving for being grieved to erase gr … f.
So, pardon me, edit all (editor)… I’m writing a
Poetry of €rror. <❌> €rror5


Right noun, (now) I wish to be a shadowglass (show) glass,
My mouth is of sl(ack)ed like my mother’s
Body, 2 too tired to trabaye travel the tales across.
How father whore wore the face of a Lion – kinging
With a clown crown of anger in his room.
Requesting food, after dropping no koin coin,
From his jobless partner. <❌> €rror
Damn! What did I just call mother?


There’s this (lafta) laughter that shoots noodles
Off need-dos needles… mother beat bit it. I saw them
Find a home in father’s skin – behind
The cutting cotton. They were piercing at
Boat (both) sides… I & brother didn’t mean to
Rebel against father but mother had preserved
That pot to save our sows souls. But father
Will clench  his teeth forever. <❌> €rror


The muscular night had mother all to himself.
In our bird bed I bet the lie-on lion didn’t see
Rainbow dreams either. And it’s not
Right – how I can lift them into a solemn
Slumber as if my education didn’t mat her matter.
But everything here has (wait) weight and has
Occupied spaces in me. Under arrest.
This poem has to stop there! Pardon
This  (these). <❌> €rror5



Psalmuel Benjamin Oluwasheun is a poet, writer and spoken word poet from Nigeria.
He writes from Ewekoro in Ogun state. He’s the 2nd runner up of the PROFWIC SPOKEN WORDS POETRY CONTEST 2022, and has been a quarter finalist of War of Words 9, 2022, winner of Shuzia Thursday Poetry Challenge, September, 2022, a finalist at POF4 (pen on fire) and longlisted for BOPP Poetry Prize, 2022, with works published in PAROUSIA, cc:Journal, The Lumiere Review, Agape, Arts Lounge Magazine, Eskimo Pie, Lion and Lilac, Allegro, shufPoetry, Communicators’ League, Mixed Mag, Nanty Greens, Kalahari Review, My Woven Words, The Fiery Scribe Review and others. Connect with him on: Facebook: Psalmuel-benjamin olúwásheun.  And Instagram: Spokespsalmuel.


Mongezi Ncombo was born in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He studied Visual Art and Design at Central Johannesburg College. In 2010 he enrolled at the Artist Proof Studio, completing his studies in 2012. He works in mixed media and his work is composed of acrylic drawing ink, paint, and old postage stamp collage. Using abstract impressionism and realistic cubism, he recomposes patterns to project scenarios of urban and rural life. Since 2010, Mongezi has taken part in many prestigious exhibitions He is a participant in the Spier Arts Trust Mentorship Programme, and he is currently artist-in-residence at the Modern Art Project, South Africa. He also manages the Richmond Bookbinding Project.